What is Startbahn?

Startbahn was born
for a new art market.

“Startbahn” provides an environment
where an art work can receive a fair artistic value and evaluation on a long-term basis.
Registration and usage of “startbahn” are free of charge.

”Startbahn” is a web system
for all people involved in art.

With this auction-based, community-type web system,
each of an Artist, a Reviewer, and a Collector
can receive fair value and evaluation through art.

“Startbahn” has three Accounts.

Why not start “startbahn”?

Let’s find art works, events, reviews, and auctions via Explorer.
By registering the PayPal, you can participate in an auction
and receive a reward according to the respective accounts.
Registration and usage of “startbahn” are free.

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