Connecting You with Art

An Art Blockchain Network, that envisions to unify the worlds of art together.
At startbahn, we are working on creating the platform, that will redefine the future of art markets
and hopefully the way we will experience art together.

Startbahn connects with everyone (artist resume, technique, materials, etc.) and keeping a provenance (exhibition history, etc.) in the blockchain,
Everyone will be able to support the activities of artists and the development of their artworks, through our service.
The issued certificate of authenticity will not only just be shared and utilized on startbahn,
but also for a variety of future services.

On startbahn, you can find your own favorite
artwork and artist.

A wide variety of artists and artworks are registered on startbahn.
Start first by taking a look at the artwork.
If you see a piece of art that speaks to you more deeply than anything else.
Allow yourself to immerse in it and develop a passion for details.
Seize the moment to learn more about the artist.

Registered users will be able to

  • Save your favorite artworks to your Favorites list.
  • Follow your favorite artist.
  • Purchase pieces you want and create your own collection.
  • The artwork you have purchased will be certified with a “Certificate of Authenticity”.
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Start empowering your artworks by building provenance on startbahn.

Artists can easily create a portfolio by registering their artworks. Furthermore galleries that manage many artists can list their artworks and simplify the sale process of the pieces.
You will be able to keep track of the certified history and sale history of the artworks and trace its provenance even after sales.

Registered users will be able to

  • "Register" your artworks to create a portfolio.
  • "Sell" your artworks online.
  • "Issue & Transfer" certificate of authencity of artworks to keep track of events.
  • Distribution of "Refund" to artists in secondary sales.
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