Apart and/or Together

10 people's heartbeat, Speaker, Silk threads, Amplifier, Mp3player

山田哲平 / Teppei Yamada

Media art, Bio art

Apart and / or together is an attempt to visualize the process of changeable and unstable globalization. It was born from an attempt to disassemble and build modern society. The work composed of 10 beats includes many discussions about national and human identities, ethnic differences, human rights, multiculturalism, migration, refugees, etc., and the reality that has disappeared among them Reminds me of human life. Our goal is to understand each other's commonality and others.
◆Exhibition history◆2019: Aesthetica Art Prize Exhibition / York Art Gallery (UK), 2018: The 23nd ifva Awards-Media Art Category Finalist Exhibition / Hong Kong Arts Center (Hong Kong), Season 3 Residency Artists Exhibition / Taipei International Art Village (Taipei)
◆ Work award ◆ 2019: The Aesthetica Art Prize Jury Special Award / The Aesthetica Magazine (UK), 22nd Japan Media Arts Festival Jury Recommended Work / Japan Media Arts Festival Executive Committee (Tokyo) 2018: The 23rd ifva festival, Silver Award / ifva (Hong Kong), Kitakyushu Digital Creator Contest Winner / KDCC Executive Committee (Fukuoka) ************************ **************************
WEB: http://teppeiyamada.com/works/apart-andor-together/
Vimeo: http: // teppeiyamada.com/works/apart-andor-together/